Visual C++ 2010 Tutorial 9  Playing SWF Files - Shockwave Flash Object

Visual C++ 2010  Express Playing SWF Files - Shockwave Flash Object

This tutorial uses two swf files made with Adobe Flash CS6. The Shockwave Flash Object can be loaded into the Toolbox by right mouse clicking on the Toolbox, then selecting Choose items..., then the Com Components Tab, followed by checking the box next to  Shockwave Flash Object and selecting Ok.

Flash Player must be installed for this to work. Flash Player is a free download at Adobe's website:

If distributing the app, make sure that the dlls are distributed too.

Tutorial 9 Code and SWF Files Download:



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Video Tutorial: Visual C++ 2010 Express Tutorial 9 - Playing SWF Animation Files - Loading Shockwave Flash Object

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