Windows 8 Pro Tutorial List

This shows how to navigate W8.

The restart and shut down button is found in the lower or upper right corner of the screen.

My Computer, Files, Control Panel and other icons can be added to the Desktop.

This shows how to navigate and find apps for the Desktop.

A quick tutorial for installing apps for the Desktop.

Metro apps can be downloaded and installed from the Microsoft Store App. - Many apps are a free download.

Metro apps can be arranged and their settings modified to meed the needs of the user.

Metro apps will stay open until Windows or the user closes them. The tutorial takes about 30 seconds.

The Control Panel contains most of the computer’s settings.

W8 has many applications and settings that allow users with disabilities to better use the computer.

MouseKeys allow the user to control the mouse with the keyboard.

There are several settings that can make the computer more user friendly to people who have difficulty using the keyboard.

The On-Screen Keyboard is a virtual keyboard that comes with W8.

By changing the display settings, we can make items on the screen larger and more easily seen.

The magnifier can increase the size of the display area.

Text-To-Speech allows the computer to read text to the user. The computer can also save TTS readings to a wav file.

The Narrator reads items on the screen.

This shows the Metro Ease Of Access settings.

WSR is voice dictation software that comes with W8.

Control the mouse with your voice.

Photo Gallery is a free download from Microsoft.

Windows 8 Pro Tutorial Series covers the basics to advance settings.

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