C++ Win32 Console Tutorials

For Windows C++ Programming:

Visual C++ Express Tutorial Series

Download the free Visual C++ Express from Microsoft’s website and and start programming.

Escape sequences are also called escape codes.

Simple math calculations and functions are used within this tutorial.

This tutorial covers how to make a variables.

cin gets information from user input.

If statements are very simple to use. If the condition, in the statement, is met then the code is executed. If the condition, in the statement, is not met then the code is not executed. If statements may include else if or else segments of the statement.

While, do while, and for loops are shown.

If the computer is expecting a numeric value and gets a string, the computer program will generate garbage numbers and will not operate correctly. By using a boolean variable and cin.fail(), we can check to see if the user has input the right data.

The getline function will be used with cin and a variable to get input from the user.

Up to this point, we have used system(“PAUSE”) to pause the computer, but we have not gone over what system() is.

That is right. 1 + 1 = 1. Find out how this works.

Both boolean OR truth tables and boolean And truth tables will be made.

btos - A boolean (bool) to string function will be made.

A random number generator program will be made.

This tutorial will make the classic game Guess My Number. This game uses many of the concepts that were shown in the previous tutorials.