Visual Studio Express 2012 For Web Tutorials And Code Examples

The first tutorial shows the IDE and makes a “Hello Internet” web app.

When making web apps, the HTTP 403.14 Forbidden Error may come up. This is because something that is not capable of being a start page is active in the Solution Explorer.

The next set of tutorials will work with some math calculations. This tutorial will make make the form for the application.

This tutorial takes the form from Tutorial 3 and performs calculations with a few variables. Several techniques are shown.

When a non-number character is entered into a variable that is expecting a number the application crashes. By using Try Catch,

We can use a RadioButtonList to help make choices on what calculation we want the app to make.

A palindrome is a string, word or number that is the same forwards and reverse. This tutorial will make a web app that will check to see if the text entered is the same forwards and reverse.