Excel 2010 Tutorials

Tutorial 1 shows the user interface and where to download the free 60 day trial.

This video tutorial will show how to use the AutoFill. The AutoFill can make complex situations easy and allows the user to complete work fast.

The AutoFill makes quick work of making the times table.

Simple calculations and the Fibernachi sequence are shown.

Simple functions are shown. The functions include Sum (AutoSum) Large, Small, ABS, Power, Min, Max, and Average. Also, the AutoFill is used with filling the functions throughout the worksheet

A worksheet is formatted and filled with sales figures for Q1 2011. Functions are used to find the total, average, median, maximum and minimum figures for the salespeople and each item.

Tutorial 7 build upon the workbook used within Tutorial 6. Tutorial 7 shows how to make a master worksheet and copy and paste worksheets within a workbook. Once the data is entered, a worksheet is created to calculate the fiscal year totals using the data from the other worksheets.

The AutoFill has problems placing information into rows from data that is in columns (or placing data from columns into rows). Absolute reference will be used to solve this problem.

Similar to tutorial 3, this tutorial shows how to make a times table using absolute reference calculations.

Most of the Excel print settings are shown within this tutorial.

Excel can save to PDFs. This tutorial will show Excel’s built in PDF capabilities and options. BullZip PDF will also be used. BullZip can save as a PDF, PS and Image formats.

This tutorial shows a quick overview of Excel Charts.

Line charts are demonstrated.