OpenOffice Calc 4 Tutorials


OpenOffice Calc 4 Spreadsheet Tutorials

OpenOffice Calc is similar to Microsoft Excel. OpenOffice is a free download and works on Windows, Mac and Linux. This tutorial shows the user interface of Calc 4.

The AutoFill is a quick way of auto-completing math trends, calculations, functions, dates, days, and other trends.

This tutorial uses the AutoFill to make a times table sheet.

Simple calculations and the Fibonacci sequence are shown within this tutorial.

The Sum (AutoSum) is shown. The AutoFill is used with filling the function throughout the worksheet.

The functions shown, in this tutorial, are the Average (Mean), Median, Mode, Large, Small, Min, and Max. The AutoFill is used with filling the functions throughout the worksheet.

Several rounding and truncating functions are shown. The functions include: Round, Round Up, Round Down, Truncate, Integer, Even and Odd.

This tutorial makes a complete worksheet with formatting and calculations.

This tutorial takes the worksheet, from Tutorial 8, adds worksheets, copies the formatting, and calculates totals from the different worksheets into one worksheet.

The workbook from Tutorial 9 needs to be modified. This tutorial shows how to change formatting of multiple worksheets at one time.

A line chart is made using the Chart Wizard.

Adding data to a chart is as easy as selecting cells.

The chart, from Tutorial 12, has its forming changed. Multiple formatting dialog boxes and settings are shown.

A pie chart is made using the Chart Wizard.

The chart, made in Tutorial 14, is formated. Several formatting dialog boxes and setting are shown.