Visual Basic 2010 Express Tutorials - Tutorial 1 - Getting Started - Free Download

Visual Basic 2010 Express can be downloaded from Microsoft’s Website:

That website also holds the downloads for the express editions of C++, C#, Visual Web Developer, and Visual Studio for Windows Phone CTP.

Visual Studio Express 2008 is still available and so it the Visual Studio 2010 Professional Edition Trial.

After 30 days Visual Basic 2010 will have to be registered. No financial information is needed to receive the free key code that will unlock Visual Basic. Registration can be done by clicking the registration button or by going to Microsoft’s website.

System Requirements Can Be Found At:

Visual Basic is an easy to learn programming language. There are tutorials on QBasic for users have never programmed before. Qbasic is a free language that is more simple to learn than Visual Basic.

Tutorial 1 Code Download:

Video Tutorial:

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