Visual Basic 2010 Express Tutorials - VB.Net

Download the free Visual Basic Express from the internet and and start programming. It couldn’t be more simple.

Events - Button Press, Mouse Enter, Mouse Leave, Resize

Just a little humor to make programming interesting

This video tutorial shows how to create variables, work with data types, show classic string conversions, and perform a calculation.

RadioButtons will be added to the simple calculator

Data Parsing will be used with error handling

This video will show how to use Windows Media Player within Visual Basic

YouTube is a hot site. YouTube Videos can be loaded and run in Visual Basic applications. It is very simple to do.

Randomize and RND will be used to show how to generate random numbers for different situations.

This tutorial will show how to program the classic game Guess My Number. The code for the game can be downloaded for free.

A timer and the VB Power Pack will be used to bounce a ball around the window.

Tutorial 13 will built upon the code from Tutorial 12. Parallel arrays will be used to bounce several balls around the window at different speeds.

This tutorial will show how to create a multidimensional array. An 2 dimensional array (matrix) will be used to create a deck of playing cards.

Adding new window forms to your application is easy. Click on Project then Add Windows Forms. Select the form you want, rename the form (optional) and click OK.

This tutorial shows KeyPresses and how to sort characters based upon their ASCII values

The next group of tutorials will create an entire application from start to finish. SpeakABCs is that application.

This tutorial shows how SpeakABCs is being setup and how the application can accept KeyPresses.

Currently, SpeakABCs has KeyPresses that allow for characters other than letters or numbers. By checking the range of ASCII values the computer can determine what key is being pressed. By using RadioButtons, the user can select what keys the computer will accept.

Visual Basic comes with a Color Dialog Box. When called, the ColorDialog will appear allowing the user to select a color or cancel the dialog. By checking to see if the user clicked OK, the application can change the object to the color selected.

For this tutorial wav sound files will be use. MP3 sound files work the same way. This tutorial will cover three ways sound files can be played: Hard coded, part of the solution, and by relative location.

To add a menu to your application, click on Menus & Toolbars within the Toolbox. and drag and drop MenuStrip (Context Menu Strip is for right mouse clicks) into your form.

A SplashScreen can be added by clicking on Project ---> Add Windows Form ---> then selecting Splash Screen from the templates.

An AboutBox can be added by clicking on Project ---> Add Windows Form ---> then selecting About Box from the templates.

This tutorial will use a TextBox and format text to make an HelpBox for the user.

To insert an icon into your application, select the Icon button within the Application Properties.

There are just a few adjustments that must be done to make SpeakABCs complete.

A short time ago, there was a VB Application that I came into contact with. The application required multi-dimensional arrays when it should have required parallel arrays. This tutorial shows the difficulty of using multi-dimensional arrays when parallel arrays should have been used

This tutorial will take what was done in Tutorial 28 and modify the application for use with classes.

The tutorial is a walkthrough of a roll playing game simulation program. The program uses a class to create monsters and our hero. Once the monsters and hero are created they will fight to the death. Once the hero is killed off, the game ends.

PictureBoxs support false transparency. This tutorial shows the limitations of false transparencies and how to work with them.

It is time to make a simple video game. EZInvaders shows the logic on making a video game. EZInvaders uses PictureBoxes. It is not the bast way of making a game but is one of the simplest to understand.

Drawing the invader and shooter in GIMP

Shows hot to move the shooter with arrow keys.

Shows the logic behind firing the shot.

Shows how to move the invader and detect if it hits the Earth.

This tutorial gives the code on how to shoot down the invader.

Parallel arrays will be used to add many invaders to the game.

Parallel arrays will be used to add many invaders to the game.

Adding object by cutting and pasting them is a tedious method when working with large amounts of objects. Dynamically adding objects is a very simple process.

Adding object by cutting and pasting them is a tedious method when working with large amounts of objects. Dynamically adding objects is a very simple process. This tutorial show how to add invaders dynamically.

What is a game without sound? A few WAV files will be added to the game.

Pausing the game is as easy as enabling or disabling the timer.

This tutorial shows how to start the game over, once the game finishes.

Double buffering the form can prevent images from flickering

This tutorial shows how to embed and play a YouTube video using the WebBrowser control.

The new Visual Basic 2010 still supports spaghetti code (line numbers and GoTo statements). This is a little video on spaghetti code with Visual Basic.

Tutorial 1 - First Program Where To Download

Tutorial 2 - Events

Tutorial 3 - Programming the Meaning Of Life

Tutorial 4 - Simple Calculator Part 1

Tutorial 5 - Simple Calculator Part 2 - RadioButtons

Tutorial 6 - Simple Calculator Part 3 - Clean Up

Tutorial 7 - Playing Movies

Tutorial 8 - Embedding  YouTube Videos

Tutorial 9 - Random Numbers

Tutorial 10 & 11 - Guess My Number Game

Tutorial 12 - Bouncing Ball Animation

Tutorial 13 - Parallel Arrays - Bouncing Balls Animation

Tutorial 14 - Making A Multidimensional Array and Matrix

Tutorial 15 - Multiple Windows Forms

Tutorial 16 - ASCII Tables and Values

Tutorial 17 - SpeakABCs Overview

Tutorial 18 - Form Setup and KeyPresses

Tutorial 19 - RadioButtons and ASCII Values

Tutorial 20 - ColorDialog

Tutorial 21 - Playing Sound Files

Tutorial 22 - Menus

Tutorial 23 - SplashScreen

Tutorial 24 - AboutBox

Tutorial 25 - HelpBox

Tutorial 26 - Icons

Tutorial 27 - Wrap Up Of SpeakABCs

Tutorial 28 - Multi-Dimensional & Parallel Arrays

Tutorial 29 - Making a Class

Tutorial 30 - Classes For A Roll Playing Game Simulation

Tutorial 31 - Picture Transparency

Tutorial 32 - EZInvaders Video Game Overview

Tutorial 33 - Drawing With GIMP

Tutorial 34 - Programming The Shooter

Tutorial 35 - Firing The Shot

Tutorial 36 - Invading Earth

Tutorial 37 - Hit Detection

Tutorial 38 - Arrays Section 1

Tutorial 39 - Arrays Section 2

Tutorial 40 - Dynamically Making Objects

Tutorial 41 - Dynamically Adding Invaders

Tutorial 42 - Adding WAV Sound Files

Tutorial 43 - Pausing The Game

Tutorial 44 - Replay

Tutorial 45 - Double Buffering

Tutorial 46 - Playing YouTube Videos With WebBrowser And Parameters

Visual Basic -Spaghetti Code Humor