Visual Basic 2010 Express Tutorial 4 - Simple Calculator Part 1

Visual Basic 2010 Express Tutorials - Tutorial 4 - Simple Calculator Part 1

The Agenda For The Simple Calculator Is:

This Tutorial (4) - Show Data Types, Variables, Classic String Conversions and A Simple Calculation

Tutorial 5 - RadioButtons

Tutorial 6 - Data Parsing, Error Checking and User Friendly Interface


Dim - Used to declare the variables

The Data Type Summery (Visual Basic) can be found on Microsoft’s MSDN Website.

Str - Converts Values to Strings

Val - Converts Strings to Values


+ Add

- Subtract

* Multiply

/ Divide

Tutorial 4 Code Download:

On Your Own:

Get The program to perform other calculations. i.e. Subtract, Multiply, Divide.

Video Tutorial:

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